Company guidelines

ShuangFei is a leading tier-I supplier for wire, wire harness, connection component, optional component for automotive applications.

… creates maximum customer benefits through its top-level performance in terms of quality and service

… offers challenging, attractive jobs and prospects for development to its employees

… increases the company value through above average returns on investment

At ShuangFei our origins and our future are closely related to each other. Ever since its establishment in 1993, a feature of our company has been its ability to make changes. This feeling for new developments both in the market and in customer requirements has made the need for change one of our principles and success an ever-present factor in our company.

Company core policies

ShuangFei's success is dependent on strong relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.

Exceed our customers’ needs and expectations by:

• delivering the highest quality products and services

• providing low-cost and high-value added solutions

• continually improving our operating efficiency

• conducting our business with integrity

Provide our employees, our most valuable resource, with an environment that:

• values each employee’s unique experience, diversity and contribution

• treats all individuals with dignity and respect

• allows everyone to reach their full potential

• encourages inclusion and active participation

• nurtures the ‘can-do’ spirit of the ShuangFei team

Treat our suppliers with respect and foster mutually beneficial relationships

Support the communities where we do business and protect the environment

Company principles

We will:

• Treat all individuals with dignity and respect,

• Conduct our business ethically,

• Continually strive for excellence.

We will continually focus on our customers’ needs and expectations.

We will provide our employees, our most important resource, with an environment that:

• Allows individuals to reach their full potential through education and career opportunities,

• Encourage active participation, and

• Is safe and clean.

We will treat our suppliers with respect and encourage long-term relationships.

We will be good corporate citizens, value the environment and actively participate in our community.