With our products and services in the Wiring Systems Division we are strategy supplier to the famous automotive, commercial vehicle and supplier industries.

The wiring system forms the supply and communication structure of all the electrical and electronic components in a vehicle and thus assumes one of the most important roles in terms of functionality in the vehicle
SHUANGFEIEI is one of the biggest auto parts manufacture, which develops and delivers wiring systems solutions and cable assemblies for the automotive industry. We design, produce and distribute innovative wiring systems. Our product portfolio comprises tailor-made cable harnesses and wiring systems in accordance with “just-in-time” and “just-in-sequence” requirements, components as well as terminal and connector.
SHUANGFEI offers innovative auto parts and solutions for the china automotive market. Especially the pre-formed harness with its exact fit for quick and efficient installation into the space given, caused a furore. Just as for the passenger car sector,ShuangFei designs and develops not only single components but also complete wiring systems solutions.